Since 2008, Camburg Engineering has been developing a full line of CAD designed and developed race vehicles. These are our KINETIK series trucks. We debuted the first KINETIK vehicle at the 2009 Baja 1000 - putting the truck through the ultimate test. We finished the race and conquered some of the most extreme terrain in off-road racing - showing the world that these trucks and their components are truly race proven.

These turn-key race trucks are built to endure the longest and most harsh off-road conditions. No compenent has been overlooked and each part is built to the highest precision and industry standards.


Not only is racing a tool to gain exposure but it is also a bench mark to test products against. Camburg Engineering not only produces the vehicle components, but also races on them. We also use the opportunity to test the products of other manufacturers we are involved with and believe in. No computer program can simulate the wear and tear and abuse offroad use offers. Since 2008 we have been racing in our own, Camburg built, KINETIK series trophy truck - having huge success competing in both the Trophy Truck and the 6100 “Spec Trophy Truck” classes.

CAD Engineering Precision

Years of R&D, as well as extensive testing through our race program, has produced what we believe to be the most capable race vehicle on the market. Offering either a rolling chassis or full turn key builds, our goal is to build a very competitive, light weight, fully engineered truck - utilizing the highest quality parts our industry offers.

By taking advantage of modern manufacturing technologies, we are able to reduce cost while maintaining the highest standards of precision and quality. All our vehicles have been fully computer designed so that each component works together flawlessly - ensuring every aspect of the truck has been optimized for suspension geometry, weight distribution and accessibility. Each component of our KINETIK series vehicles is built from laser cut, CNC machined and pre-formed materials - reducing human error and guaranteeing complete accuracy during assembly.